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Blogger Recognition Award 2019

blogger recognition award

This is the first time I’ve been nominated for a blogger award. I’d like to thank Jazz for nominating me for the Blogger Recognition Award! Jazz writes a personal and informative blog all about mental health with a focus on bipolar disorder. If you’d like to learn more about mental health then check it out here. I’m really flattered to be nominated and the blogging community is amazing and really supportive – so thank you! The Blogger Recognition Award is an award given by fellow bloggers who recognise the great work you do.

Why did I start my blog?

I started my blog in response to the lack of black and brown beauty bloggers I could find in the Youtube beauty community. I remember struggling to find a foundation that matched my skin tone that didn’t cost a bomb. I’d been wearing Bobbi Brown’s Moisture Rich foundation for several years but finally decided to hunt for something more affordable. Cue an epic search for Google images and beauty reviews which only left me frustrated. Since then we have more black and brown beauty bloggers which is awesome but we definitely need more.

I started reviewing beauty and skincare products and slowly discovered that I really enjoy writing lifestyle posts also. My most popular posts are featured in the moving banner on my homepage. They discuss mental health, social mediafriendship faux pas and solo travel. The response to these posts has been so positive and encouraging that I definitely want to keep writing in this vein.

To be even more honest, I am a writer – I always have been. I remember playing with my mother’s old school typewriter as a child. The initial thrill of seeing words appear on the page with each key stroke. Words I thought and wrote. Being a voracious reader helps a lot too. I think after graduating and now working in an entirely separate field, blogging has given me an incredible outlet to write and share my ideas. Long ago I kept paper diaries, then there was LiveJournal. Now there is the huge blogging community, where everyday people all over the world are writing about the things that matter or inspire them and I think it’s wonderful.

First Piece of Blogging Advice

I wouldn’t call myself an expert blogger by any means, I’m still learning every day but my first piece of advice would be to write for SEO from the very beginning. I had no idea how important SEO was for your blog. In the last 6 months my DA went up by 2 whole points all because I’d worked on SEO for my past posts. When they say to write your meta description, add alt text to images, link back to posts within your blog etc, it really makes a huge difference! The only thing I knew in the beginning was to use keywords but these other SEO factors should not be ignored. I edited the title for my foundation post, added more alt text and a meta description and the post went from page 6 on Google to page 2!

Second Piece of Blogging Advice

My second piece of advice is to be active in the blogging community. Twitter is a God-send and I’ve made blogging friends and contacts which has been lovely. Facebook also has some great blogging groups and from these I’ve found blogging opportunities and had some fun experiences. I think the best thing to do with Twitter is to join as many blogging accounts as you can and engage sincerely. Try not to just drop and post your links. Post thoughtful sincere comments on posts that resonate with you. The author will really appreciate them and will be more likely to check out your blog and do the same.

Now you’ve finished learning a little bit about me, I encourage you to nominate those who you feel deserve the Blogger Recognition Award.

I would like to nominate:

All you have to do is the following:

  • write a blog post
  • acknowledge the blogger who nominated you
  • give a brief story as to why you started your blog
  • give two pieces of advice to new bloggers
  • nominate 11 other bloggers who deserve the award

Have fun! Love Black Pistachio x

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  1. Sarah Clarke says:

    Congratulations on your nomination, I really appreciate your advice on SEO as I’m trying to circle back and do this with my old content too.

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