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The Empire State Building – Travelling Solo New York City Part 5

It’s my seventh day travelling solo in New York City and on my sixth day I took the NYC Big Bus Tour with the intention of hopping off to visit the famous Empire State Building. No city holiday is complete without a bus tour and it was so easy to see the NYC sights via the tour bus. The Empire State Building is a popular…

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Affordable 30s Skincare Routine

As a woman in her 30s who loves skincare I have accepted that it is time to get serious about my affordable 30s skincare routine.  If you’re like me and have been religiously cleansing, acid toning and moisturising then you might feel a little overwhelmed that your skincare routine is now going to increase in price and steps. But have no fear, because the products…

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NYC Big Bus Tour – Travelling Solo Part 4

There will come a time when it will be safe to travel again and I, for one, cannot wait. I’ve been meaning to update my blog with the details of my first solo trip to New York City. I’ve already talked about the hotel, Madame Tussauds, cheap eats, the Gossip Girl tour, Laduree macarons and riding the subway. But no city holiday is complete without a…

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The Laduree Experience – Travelling Solo New York City Part 3

If you love cakes, macarons and pastries then I guarantee you’ll enjoy this post. Welcome to part 3 of my experience as a solo female traveller in New York City. I love Laduree and first became aware of it through Gossip Girl. And what better way to experience it for the first time than in Manhattan, New York City. Laduree is a famous Parisian patisserie…

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Joker Film Review – Does society make us evil?

There are plenty of Joker film reviews online but that’s not going to stop me from giving my two cents. I’m listening to the Joker film soundtrack right now. I love listening to film soundtracks and it’s especially helpful when I want to stay immersed in a film’s universe and reality. Today was my second viewing of Joker as I thought it best to watch…

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Five 90s Teen Movies You Need To Watch

I don’t think they make teen movies like they used to. As an 80’s baby I grew up on teen movies from the 90s and early noughties. If you love movies then you’re in the right place. Read on for my top 5 teen movies from the 90s you need to watch. Clueless – 1995 I love Clueless and this is no secret! I’m still…

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Flight Club Birmingham’s Brunch Social

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of darts? For me it’s beer bellies, second-hand smoke and Bullseye. Flight Club Birmingham’s Brunch Social is all about making darts trendy and fun. Think social darts but with bottomless pizza and just enough prosecco to improve your non-existent darts skills. I was gifted two complimentary tickets to attend Flight Club Birmingham’s Brunch Social. After…

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Flight Club Birmingham Launch Party

I can now say I’ve been to a launch party and it was a lot of fun! Flight Club Birmingham had their launch party on the 18 July. The grand opening was on the 19 July. Which means I got to sample all the beautiful newness of this brand new darts bar before everyone else. I knew nothing about the concept of social darts until…

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Odeon Limitless Card Review – One year on was it worth it?

Getting the Odeon Limitless card was the best thing I ever did as a self-confessed cinephile.  Keep reading to find out whether you should invest in an Odeon Limitless membership. Going to the cinema can become an expensive hobby if you want to go regularly. Thankfully, there are cinema memberships out there offering to cut the cost. You have Odeon Limitless and Cineworld Unlimited for…

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Blogger Recognition Award 2019

This is the first time I’ve been nominated for a blogger award. I’d like to thank Jazz for nominating me for the Blogger Recognition Award! Jazz writes a personal and informative blog all about mental health with a focus on bipolar disorder. If you’d like to learn more about mental health then check it out here. I’m really flattered to be nominated and the blogging…

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